Niche Scholarship Winners

Niche gives out more than $75,000 in scholarships every year.
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$1,000 College Survey Scholarship

Maegan Salonga August, 2014

Maegan is a current college student in University of California - Irvine majoring in Chemistry.

As this month's lucky winner, Maegan has won a $1,000 scholarship.

Congratulations Maegan!

Rebecca Milligan July, 2014

Rebecca is currently a student at Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City majoring in Accounting.

As this month's lucky winner, Rebecca has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Rebecca had to say: "As a single mom who went back to school to finish my degree I can promise you this scholarship money will be such a blessing. I'm nearly half-way finished and still maintain a 4.0 so that shows how determined I am! Books and various online fees can add up so this truly will be so helpful towards my education. I'm so happy that I was chosen as the Niche College Survey Scholarship for July 2014! Thank you very much! "

Congratulations Rebecca, and good luck!

Michael Danchisko June, 2014

Michael is a student at Rutgers University and is majoring in Computer Science.

As this month's lucky winner, Michael has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Michael had to say: " I wanted to thank you very much for the scholarship, it will really help me out with paying for college. I plan to use the scholarship I received to help pay for my college tuition."

Congratulations Michael!

Jasmyne Golden May, 2014

Jasmyne is a student at Sierra College and majoring in Social Services.

As this month's lucky winner, Jasmyne has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Jasmyne had to say: "I am so very grateful for this scholarship! I may not have been able to attend school in the Fall without it. The money will go towards my tuition and textbooks as well. Thank you Niche for this amazing opportunity and blessing - it was truly a God-send."

Congratulations Jasmyne!

Stephanie Schaffner April, 2014

Stephanie is a current college student at Laramie County Community College majoring in Business.

As this month's lucky winner, Stephanie has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Stephanie had to say:
"My name is Stephanie, and I am a 23 year old single mother of a six month old baby while also pursuing my education. I have chosen Business Administration as my major because I am still unsure of the exact career I want. I am so grateful to have been chosen for this scholarship and I plan to use this donation to pay for books, classes, and to support me and my son."

Congratulations Stephanie!

Dalton McCracken March, 2014

Dalton is a current college student at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Political Science and Government.

As this month's lucky winner, Dalton has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Dalton had to say:
"I plan on using the money I won from the College Prowler College Survey Scholarship to take care of my housing costs, so that I will be able to have a better environment in which to study and prepare for my future career as a legal professional. Thanks College Prowler!"

Congratulations Dalton!