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Niche gives out more than $75,000 in scholarships every year.
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$1,000 College Survey Scholarship

Zarissa LeBlanc May, 2016

Zarissa is currently a student at Lamar Institute of Technology studying International Business

As May's lucky winner, Zarissa has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Zarissa had to say: "Thank you so much for the scholarship! What I intend to use this scholarship for is to pay for my fall semester coming up in August. This money will help me be able to continue my education in higher learning so I can later on achieve my Bachelors degree in International Business."

Congratulations Zarissa, and good luck!

Jessica Mahler April, 2016

Jessica is currently a student at Brigham Young University - Idaho studying Child Development

As April's lucky winner, Jessica has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Jessica had to say: "I'm so grateful for the help this scholarship provides to finish my bachelor's degree in child development. It will help me pay for costs such as tuition and textbooks. Thank you Niche!."

Congratulations Jessica, and good luck!

Emma Holm March, 2016

Emma is currently a student at Clark College studying Language Studies and Linguistics

As March's lucky winner, Emma has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Emma had to say: "This scholarship will help fund my dream of reaching graduate school. Thank you Niche for this amazing opportunity."

Congratulations Emma, and good luck!

Logan Jordan February, 2016

Logan is currently a student at Grand Valley State University studying Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

AsFebruary's lucky winner, Logan has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Logan had to say: "I want to give a big thank you to Niche for this scholarship! This scholarship provides me the motivation to continue furthering my education in supply chain management. With the help of this scholarship, I will be in a much better position to graduate with fewer loans. I will use this money towards tuition and fully plan on taking professional certifications earlier to help prepare me for my future career!"

Congratulations Logan, and good luck!

Dyvi'on Johnson January, 2016

Dyvi'on is currently a student at Southeast Missouri State University studying Dance.

As this month's lucky winner, Dyvi'on has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Dyvi'on had to say: "With the money that I have won I plan to use it to help pay off one of the loans I took out for this year and continue my dance education at SEMO. I am very grateful that I won this scholarship and this helps me tremendously during my sophomore year. Thank you for helping me reach my goals."

Congratulations Dyvi'on, and good luck!

Samantha Sullivan December, 2015

Samantha is currently a student at Western Carolina University studying Forensic Science and Technology.

As December's lucky winner, Samantha has won a $1,000 scholarship!

Here is what Samantha had to say: "Thank you Niche for this wonderful opportunity. This allows me to be able to pursue my education at Western Carolina University as a Forensic Science student. This money will be helping me pay for tuition and housing. Again, thank you so much!"

Congratulations Samantha, and good luck!